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While there are very large companies in every industrialized and economically developed nation, it is universally acknowledged that it is small and medium businesses (SMEs) that are the backbone of sustainable economies. The ETC-Vlore-Albania was created to offer opportunities for owners and managers of SMEs to improve their managerial skills so their companies will be more efficient, productive and competitive, and, in the end, more profitable.

The core courses to be offered by the ETC-Vlore-Albania were developed by the Southeast Europe Enterprise Development (SEED), a facility of the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation. Approximately 6,000 people have attended almost 5,000 hours of training which SEED developed.

To continue to offer these courses in Albania, SEED entered into a partnership with the ETC-Vlore-Albania. The staff of ETC were trained in current methodology determined to be effective with adult business people, as well as the content of SEED's technical courses that were developed by experts in the particular areas of business management. The trainers of ETC-Vlore-Albania were trained by internationally recognized professionals who specialize in training adult entrepreneurs.

I am confident that your company will benefit from having its owners and managers attend the courses offered by the ETC-Vlore-Albania.

Jane McNeil
Former Senior Advisor